Friday, September 18, 2009

Recycle campaign earrings and brooch

Recycle logo earring are made out of two triangle shapes of yellow plastic and frame holder which is very sharp metal piece. Before I attached to plastic, I designed without any adhesive methods in this time. That is why I heat the metal piece then attached on the plastic so it could sink into plastic and stay securely. It worked well if I push enough to bottom and I could get good result this time. To avoid look like exactly the recycling logo, I filed the bottom of earring as its shape so that it has more decorative element. I sand blasted areas that I want to make semi-translucent for plastic and metal pieces as well. It brings attention to middle where the cubic zirconias are located. To attach these CZs, I drilled bur with same size of CZ then I used epoxy to it because I could not heat the silver. It will be oxidized the front side of silver and it will show through plastic which is I can not clean up. Using silver disk for the back of the earring gave brighter yellow color look.

For the brooch, I choose to use red color because green recycle logo color reminds me to think about environment but we have to keep this earth healthy for next generations. That is why I choose red color to show urgency. Also, little metal pieces are pointing out so it does not look recycle logo as earring. I like the color differences of parts. Middle of brooch is darker than other area because I used copper piece as background. I wanted to give different dimension so I filed all the corners of brooch. Czs are set in one side only to give asymmetrical view.

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